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Chinese Herbal Medicine

History of Chinese herbs

Chinese herbal medicine has ancient roots dating back 2500 to 3000 years ago. They are used by combining various parts of plants, nuts, roots, seeds, minerals, fruits and vegetables into a formula that aims at targeting a certain health condition.

What to expect from a Chinese herbal treatment

Your initial interview for Chinese herbal medicine involves and in depth medical intake, a prescription herbal formula tailored to your health condition and body type, a treatment plan based on a holistic perspective, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Using Chinese herbs

Herbs used in a formula (more than one herb in the mixture) with the idea that no system is taxed by ingesting herbal medicine, that what you need to digest a formula is already included in the formula.

How Chinese herbs are administered

Herbal formulas come in different forms: pills, granules, liquids and raw. A formula is typically prescribed for two to three times per day, for one to two week's time. The length of time depends on the nature of your condition. Chinese herbal formulas will be tailored to your body and then adjusted based on your reactions and changes while taking them.

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